Accelerating Innovation

About Us

CSU is home to a world class research ecosystem. The research spans 8 different colleges and provides unparalleled experience to thousands of students. In an effort to support this research and strengthen the connection of research to students, the idea of an on campus advanced manufacturing and applied engineering facility was born. After bootstrapping this concept locally at the Powerhouse Energy Campus for many years (unofficially as R3D3) we were finally able to launch the Rapid Prototyping Lab (RPL) campus wide in March of 2019.

The idea is simple – to provide the world class research at CSU access to internal applied engineering expertise. Whether someone is looking for fabrication of complex hardware, the design and development of a nascent research system, or help in deploying a real time data acquisition architecture, we are here to help. We are dedicated to bringing ideas to fruition.

John Mizia
Director – RPL